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Dec 23 2013

Skylights are an Easy Way to Brighten up a Dark Room

For many people looking to add something new to their homes, adding skylights could be a great project for your home, and they are surprisingly fast and easy to install. Putting in a skylight is not something you would want to attempt on your own though, as you could damage your roof and lead to costly repairs. If you believe that one of these lights could be a good fit for your property, then you should have the experts at Ridgecrest take care of the addition for you. We can...

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Oct 07 2013

Better Lighting Inside and Outside Makes a Big Impact on the Enjoyment of Your Home

You love your home, especially when you are able to customize it to your dream home. Did you know you can make it even more appealing with the right lighting?  We’ll look at some of the things that your home’s lighting – inside the house and outside – should do. If you find yourself missing some of these aspects, please give us a call for a free consultation so we can make your house shine!   Starting inside your home, the indoor lighting is important, as it is one of the biggest...

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Sep 26 2013

A Little Maintenance Now Can Mean Big Savings Down the Road

In the home improvement/maintenance industry, we consistently hear about folks who try to find ways to save a bit of money. By doing this, they sometimes cut corners which could mean trouble later on, especially when it comes to maintaining your home. An article we found on CBS New York talks about just how troublesome and costly it can be to neglect simple home maintenance. Letting things go and ignoring them now is a terrible idea, and it might just cost you thousands of extra dollars when the problem finally...

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