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Hot Trends and Amenities for Kitchen Remodeling

Oct 28 2013

Hot Trends and Amenities for Kitchen Remodeling

Trends have a way of changing quickly, which is ever apparent in the remodeling industry. Our clients are constantly bringing new dreams to us to build, but some tend to last a bit longer than others will. That’s often the case when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Here are some of the biggest trends that are taking over the cooking spaces we renovate, and are also popular around the U.S.

Countertops are popular, and they always will be one of the first things a remodel should entail. Having the best countertop you can afford ensures a great look and longevity, two important factors when it comes to changing a home’s appearance. One of the trends for the countertops is more color though. Having a bit more color can brighten up the room quite a bit. However, color might not be right for everyone; therefore, granite and marble are still great options that always seem to be popular with our clients. Kitchen islands are another very important feature in today’s modern kitchen, and they are more than just aesthetic. They look nice and can be useful for storing anything from a wine rack to a spice rack. However, this added space is very useful for food preparation too.

Instead of keeping all of the kitchen appliances out on the counter, the trend is to find ways to hide those appliances. You still need to use them, but you don’t need to see them all the time. If this is the thought crossing your mind, an option is to have us build some custom storage or cabinets for them that can help to hide their appliances.

As for the amenities in the kitchen, we hear that people are generally looking for things that will help to make their lives a bit easier. An example which we’re familiar with installing in a kitchen is something like a flexible faucet placed near the stove for filling pots and pans (similar to a restaurant). Filling up at the stovetop will mean you don’t have to carry a heavy pot full of water all across the kitchen. Others are looking for some authentic old-fashioned appliances to keep in the kitchen because they are functional and they add to the décor. The Better Homes and Gardens site has some other trends that many kitchens today are following and which are prime examples of the types of kitchens we install and remodel today,


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