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Oct 14 2013

Construction Picks Up: Sherwood Generating Lots of Interest and New Home Sales

  As our client base grows, it is apparent that the economy has been doing a bit better over the past year or two. This is wonderful news, especially for those who have been thinking about buying a newly renovated, or even remodeling, a property. This economy boost now means these dreams can become realities for many people across the country. Construction and remodeling – areas of our expertise – are picking up all around the area, including our city of Sherwood. The community offers those who live nearby easy access...

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Ready Your Home for Summer in 6 Steps

Although some days are still reminiscent of winter, rest assured that summer is on its way. Before the gorgeous weather and busy weekends arrive, take the opportunity to ready your home for what can be the harshest season. Inspect and care for your furnace and air conditioner. After months of use, your furnace could use a little TLC. Check and clean the filters, replacing any as necessary. Air conditioner filters also need to be checked and changed when dirty or have been used for 3 months. Cleaning the coils on your...

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