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Dec 23 2013

Skylights are an Easy Way to Brighten up a Dark Room

For many people looking to add something new to their homes, adding skylights could be a great project for your home, and they are surprisingly fast and easy to install. Putting in a skylight is not something you would want to attempt on your own though, as you could damage your roof and lead to costly repairs. If you believe that one of these lights could be a good fit for your property, then you should have the experts at Ridgecrest take care of the addition for you. We can...

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Nov 18 2013

Large Tubs in Master Baths Often Go Unused – and That’s a Great Place for a Larger Shower

Since you've been shopping for your perfect home or building your dream home, chances are you wanted to have a nice and large master bathroom. A large bathroom is luxurious, and it gives you all the space you need to bathe, shave, and get ready in peace and comfort. However, there’s a very good chance you might be misusing some of the space in your bathroom. Do you have a large tub in your home now? Most of the master baths, especially those that are several years old, or older,...

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Feb 27 2013

How to Choose a Remodel Contractor

Remodeling your home is one of the best ways to achieve a number of goals. You can add considerable value to your home if you’re considering selling it down the road. However, you can also add more enjoyment to your current home by expanding it. Whether you’re contemplating an addition or looking at a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel, you’ll need the help of an experienced remodel contractor. How do you ensure that you choose the right professional? It all begins with research. You can’t afford to hire a remodel...

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