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Custom Cabinets

Dec 16 2013

Should I Re-Face Existing Cabinets or Replace with New?

Are you looking at your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and wondering what you should do? Whether you are getting ready for us to remodel your entire kitchen, or you’re deciding to contact us to simply give your cabinets a bit of a makeover, it’s time to decide what you do with them. Replacing them entirely and adding new cabinets could be a good option in some cases. However, re-facing the cabinets might be the better option for other cases. Let’s look at the pros and cons and the reasons why...

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Dec 26 2012

A Look at the Elegance of Cabinet Lighting

  If you’re thinking of hiring a remodel contractor to work on sprucing up your home a bit, then the chances are excellent you’re looking for ways to not only streamline the flow of your dream house, but to add touches of elegance and beauty as well. Why not consider adding useful but posh touches like built-in cabinetry and elegant cabinet lighting? You’ll be so glad you did. Draw Attention to Key Areas and Collections Cabinet lighting is a wonderful way to draw the eye to the areas you’re most proud of in...

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Dec 12 2012

3 Advantages to Built-In Cabinets

It’s inevitable when it comes to any home! Knick-knacks, toys, books, and other items accumulate and need to be stored, as do everyday necessaries like dishes and kitchenware. However, it’s important to note that you don’t have to settle for the same old tired options when it comes to storage space for your home. Built-In Storage Saves Space and Money With traditional storage options, you’re required to clear space in your rooms to set up bookcases, dressers, and other storage fixtures. If space is limited in your home, this can lead to...

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